In these works, I was responsible for conception in earlier stage, model design and printing, 3D effect realization, visual presentation, post-production, matching and counterpoint, and giving presentation. Eventually, we got Zijin Award.
If there is longer time, I believe we can do it better. The time is actually very tight and we have stayed up late for several nights. In the process of implementation, I kept communicating with teachers, seniors, and other classmates to improve the design. Thank you for their suggestion and help.

I was inspired by the relationship between human and nature. Everything in this world is a contradictory unity. The real world we are facing is a contradictory unity that consists of human society and nature. They enjoy the relationship of dialectical unification. On one hand, human and nature is interconnected, interdependent and interpenetrating. Human’s existence and development are inseparable from nature and are bound to realizing mutual exchange and energy exchange with nature through productive labor. As the improvement of productivity development, human’s ability of recognizing nature and transforming nature has enhanced, the present nature is no longer the original nature, but the one full of human mark. Humanized nature shows the fact that the interconnected and interpenetrating relationship between human and nature is getting closer and closer. This objectively formed relationship requires that in the process of recognizing and transforming nature and promoting social development, human should consciously accept not only the control of social law, but also that of natural law, so as to promote the stable, synchronous and harmonious development of nature and society. At the same time, human and nature is contradictory. According to the relationship between human and nature, I came up with the theme of our design works which is called symbiosis. Symbiosis is also called mutualism, which means two creatures live together on the basis of mutual benefit. It is an interspecies relation where two creatures cannot survive without each other. It is a kind of high development of relationship between the two creatures. Symbiotic creatures are the products of mutual division of labor and exchanging physical activity. Apart from the symbiosis relationship between human and nature, nature world also enjoy this relationship with human body, biological world and marine creatures.



After brainstorming and theme determination, the next step is model design. Model should conform to the delivery of concept. More importantly, this model can visually show my philosophical thought. For example, what is the meaning of ‘dependency’ and ‘survival’ in the concept of symbiosis? Finally, I decided to use the idea of “round heaven and square earth” in China ancients’ eyes to deliver.


I added more modern decoration and innovation to the original one, using some more scientific and technological concave and convex to make installation obtain the concept of symbiosis. In the significant meaning, this symbiosis can be horizontally understood as the combination of tradition and technology, so as to enable installation art and interactive projection to better show our ideas.

After determining the concept and theme, we started to modify the model, which is the first step of realizing different surface projection. After model counterpoint in PS, I set up three boards behind the model in order to make the preconceived environment better display in three-dimensional space. ![](/content/images/2015/08/duiwei.jpg) I select fish as our story line. The figure and striations of itself and its scales and tail are used frequently in traditional Chinese culture. But here we are concerned about their group living characters rather than their charming implications.

I mingle the group living character with symbiosis rather than describe its figure and structure of a fish, as fish is a kind of livings with obvious symbiosis character. For example, the small pink Typhlogobius californiensis lives in the cave dug by some kind of shrimps.

In the meanwhile, I abstract the figure of fish into normal outline which, as a junction, will run through all the ecospheres and

In the following step, we need to extract key words by brain storming, which is painful but free as you can earn plenty of strange ideas. But some of them are really in the range of scheme but some others have gone to the outer space.


Universe Human Society Future World Parallel Space-time


Land Sea World Microorganism

I want to expound our opinions through the 7 words above, in which fish group is used to join up the 8 scenes, so that the theme of symbiosis is embodied. There are great and macro symbiosis relationships among different ecospheres. Some corresponding symbiosis relationship exists in every small ecosphere. The whole complex and exquisite relation is contained in a circle which in fact is a kind of amalgamation. At the same time, this implies that ecosphere in fact is a relationship seeking common ground while reserving differences.

The following two effect drawings are produced in my work process, in which ideas of infinite loop and mirror are expressed visibly. But when taking into account that I have used many elusive words under the great theme symbiosis, I had better make some trade-offs. Then, I abandoned the two concepts below which would have been mingled in the symbiosis scene.

I searched out some pictures, graphic data etc. relevant to symbiosis relationship on the internet, so that the concept of symbiosis will become more concrete and pictorial.


Cinema4D / AE / PS / AI / MAYA


Several times of mapping were done in this process after the first matching due to the reason of tripod.

This time the making mainly focuses on software without actual shooting. In fact, if the time is enough, actual shooting can be added in so that the symbiosis relationship among different domains will be shown better and the picture effect can be more visible and exquisite.


What I offer below present the projection mapping contents.

You will be taken into the world, the world blended with every ecosphere, to experience the magic of symbiosis.

The Eight Diagrams Figure comprises of fish will diffuse soon after it forms. From concrete to abstract and then from abstract to concrete, it symbolizes the greatness of the universe. The Eight Diagrams Figure, seemingly composed of eight big bags, encloses all in the universe. This scene unfolds based on the Eight Diagrams Figure, and represents the whole universe.

The symbiosis ideal I want to express in this scene is that of the future world. There is symbiosis relationship among different time domains. So we abstract out futuristic lines as representative elements together with the circle model, rendered by different color, to create the feeling of future.

I materialize the symbiosis of the human society into a lamp. The lamps lighted up one by one gradually,implying the ups and downs of the human society. This paragraph forms the beginning of the whole projection climax. The human civilization unfolds to the rhythm of the music companied with the gradually lighted neon lamps.

Different processes of an event or different proceedings of a determination exist in different parallel universes. I believe that there are symbiosis relations among parallel worlds. Those cyclical lines constitute parallel worlds which will never collide.

It’s easy to be found that what I want to express is the symbiosis in the sea world by blue color. Energy exchange among different matters is a magic thing. You will find many magic things deserve your exploration when the sea matters blended in. I found many exciting symbiosis relationship in the sea when I research relevant resources about the sea. ![](/content/images/2015/08/-----2015-08-26---4-38-39.png) This fragment expresses the symbiosis on land. Light changes are the most common phenomena we see every day. From the sunrise out of the east to the sun sink down to the west, the light exchange has never changed throughout the history. Such an optical relation also contains our symbiosis relationship from one side. The unity of opposites cannot be split and will extinguish when any one is absent. ![](/content/images/2015/08/-----2015-08-26---4-38-44.png) All things in this world will become molecules and atoms, and this is expressed in this scene. When all the symbiosis cycles are completed, they will transform into dust. Though cracked, broken or disappeared, it begins slowly to prepare for the birth of a new thing. ![](/content/images/2015/08/-----2015-08-26---4-38-51.png) After all the symbiosis relationship is explained clearly, it is still the fish throughout the work that terminates the exhibition of the ideal. Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, and three begets all. With Yin on back and Yang against the chest, everything gets harmonization by Chong air. The word Dao here means the essence and law of the universe, i.e. the noumenon of wisdom. Everything traces back to the origination, but few know the beginning and ending of relations, or that relation is origination. ![](/content/images/2015/08/bai--.jpg) This work is born out of such an environment. Several weeks’ time is unforgettable. ![](/content/images/2015/08/---2.jpg)