I have accidently participated in this competitiion, which seems
pretty interesting and attracts me to directly start preparation.


The propaganda of the feeling for Durex brand shall not remain in the product appearance but more emphasize on the communication of concept, which will be realized through a strong visual impact and color contrast, as well as the exaggerating elements.


The combination of line drawing with tile painting by use of extremely exaggerating visual elements and painting techniques is applied to the sex-related product, with finger serving as the metaphor to make indirect expression. The contrasting colors are used to pull open the entire visual style of the product, making it stand out in a series of similar products which are always placed in the entrance of the convenience store.

Red, green and blue, all round color hint

Product rendering


Three-dimensional element is used to enhance the visual impact. The logo is combined with sex knowledge dominant with the product functionality. There is only one element in the front side, with the array technique of expression in the back. The theme is extruded, coupled with the fresh-style mint blue which is just like a cool breeze.



Make the indirect alternation among elements and the abstraction of concrete objects. The design on the back is the effect of iterative derivation from the elements in the front. The elegantly matched colors are combined with some suggestive elements.



The meaning of dragonfly wrapping the baby is subtle yet clear. The cover of elements in the back represents the meaning of exploration. The overall style in red and blue tones contains some hint of charm. In general, the visual elements in this group have a little implied meaning which is comparatively not direct.

That is the quadruplet IN & OUT series