"Double Rainbow"

Every artist has their own creation style, for example, Kusama is perhaps best known for her mesmerizing polka dot pieces, as well as immersive, large-scale installations, As for me, I pursue a unique color and light, I prefer to create works which will be realized though a strong visual impact and colour contrast, as well as exaggerated elements, such as the human body, organ and monster and so on. The contrasting colors are used to pull open the entire visual style of my work. I have a huge passion for the color red especially psychedelic red, I mean the RGB is 255,0,90. I define this red named ‘friend red’, and my style is an integration of a little bit Pop style, Gothic and abstraction. Thus, people can find my unique style from my work, such as installation, interactive design, illustration, photograph and so on.

"Feet Sex"

"Vumour More Like A Virus"

"We are living in AAA blind world"


"Touch Me"



"get off my world"