Those people without partners are called single dogs in China, which indeed is a kind of interesting metaphor. This interesting picture is created on Valentine's Day when the lovers coming and going in front of me are all immersed in happiness. Sperms like rainbow candies are falling down from the rainbow clouds to search their partners, some with ferocious expression and others with enjoyable one. It is interesting to conceive some bizarre ideas from time to time, through which the fantasy world could be created and stayed for a while.




I did not think too much when drawing this picture, simply thinking of the elements of sperms and helpless expressions based on the concept of Valentine's Day.


The main difficulty here is the production of clouds, as it takes long time for the rendering of clouds and for waiting to see the final effects. Besides, there are also some difficulties in adjusting the direction and size of the reflector in the protagonist as well as the processing of expressions with PS software.