In collaboration with Stiliyana Minkovska and others (please see credits), I have designed an immersive moving image that connects audiences to stars and childbirth exhibited in the Design Museum as part of the London Design Festival 2019.

The Designers in Residence present an immersive cosmic capsule that invites audiences to delve into the connection of the cosmos. This unique film installation and sound landscape will take visitors on a journey through the stars to explore the miracle of childbirth, the possibilities of our food systems, the creation of wonder materials and the otherworldly landscape of Chile's Atacama desert.

Designer in Residence: Mále Uribe Forés, Marta Giralt, Robert Johnson, Stiliyana Minkovska
Sound Designer: Barney Kass
Creative Writer: Nina Cutler
Digital Collaborator: Friendred, Georgi Stamenov, Sebastiaan Cator
Graphic Design: Regular Practice