Movement and Data Embodiment

This exhibition/workshop emphasises a conversation between body movements and data. Allowing audiences to visually see the combination of body and technology. As part of the Late at Tate, three installations were shown in Tate Britain.

Artist: Friendred
Team: Jamie Ward, George Wyman Simms, David Gareth Williams, Rita-josy Haddoub
Photographer: Natalia Janula
Curators: Tate Collective, Rebecca Sinker, Tanya Boyarkina, Michael Irwin and other members of staff from Tate Britain

The Wind

The juxtaposition of inertness and motion compose the dispositional movement. The choreographic lights created by the organic body balances the concurrent beauty of the two movements.

The Light

Please see the later article for this installation.

Baptism/Digital Trance Installation Display

Baptism is a performance that explores shamanic practices of rituals, divination and healing. It presents a digital interpretation of a new age ritual. Wearable technologies assist the dancers in embodying the idea of transformation.