The immersive space morphs and alters with light and becomes solid, its pressure composing and decomposing the self-awareness of skin. The dancer’s body is extended and manipulated as a conscious entity, exceeding the physiological object. The constant feedback between the body's trajectory and interaction with the environment changes the nature of the object itself.

The modalities of the body are interpreted and utilized by various practitioners including, choreographers, artists, and architects through time. The definition of the body has been extended by the concepts of other disciplines, such as philosophy, where some define it as decided by the potential of its actions. Inspired by these philosophical ideas of the body, Skin-awareness, an interactive dance performance, was developed to explore and experiment with the body as a self-aware entity, embodying and interacting with artefacts and an immersive environment.

Director: Friendred
Dancers: Ri Lindegren, Dulce Escobar, Faith Markovetz
Music producers: John Xie, Joy Lee

Special Thanks:
Atau Tanaka, Pete Weisman, Chris Ziegler, Cumhur Erkut, Kim Swisher, Dan Jackson, Luke Kautz, Goldsmiths University, MOCO committee, Arizona State University and all volunteers from MOCO conference.