The Light

The light was exhibited as part of Late at Tate in Tate Britain.

The ephemeral light is orchestrated by the motion of the body, and the illumination created by the movement resonates between material and immaterial beings. What drives the actant? This work bridges dialectic and heuristic conversations between body movements and data to form a harmonious human-machine interaction.

Participants were using five wireless and modular wearable devices to interact with this installation. Each participant could wear the device differently, some were putting it on their forearms and ankles, some were putting on their forehead or neck. The movements that formed were enabled to choreograph and orchestrate the melodic lights. The audiences and the installation subsequently became entangled.

Artist: Friendred
Team: Jamie Ward, George Wyman Simms, David Gareth Williams, Rita-josy Haddoub
Photographer: Natalia Janula
Curators: Tate Collective, Rebecca Sinker, Tanya Boyarkina, Michael Irwin and other members of staff from Tate Britain