A4 PLANTARY from Friendred on Vimeo.

All the creatures are the unit of planet. The whole planetary system run according to cosmic rules. On the other hand, there are tons of constancy of laws of physics. They all exist in this universe in commensurate with their ways to keep the equilibrium of the universe. In this project, I want to dig more on the special shape or natural pattern in this world.

Physical artifacts:

My first idea came from bionics, also, I’m interested in golden spirals. I did some tests about deformation of curves since I’m inspired by nature texture, this artifact was printed by Ultimaker3, it needs very compact layer height can exert this smooth result. Also, I designed the shape of 3D model in Cinema4D, revolved the skeleton of the spiral. This is the reason why each single face looks different. It took nearly 50 hours to print it out.

The curve of this contour achieved the goal which I intended to. Surface looks like wave of liquid. Every sides are connected together smoothly.

Visual representation

A4 plantary from Friendred on Vimeo.

I did the same thing in victual representation compare with physical artifact, I created bunch of circle consist of points or curve, making them move towards face position, each layer iterated by itself through life span. For debugging, “a” = draw rectangle where is same as the face position. “m” = change another mode to draw the pattern. “v” = show your camera

Future possibilities

Planetary is a gigantic topic, which means there are also the other sides worth of digging.

Reference & thanks

Addon : Opencv , video