Moving Photon is aimed at exploring embodiment, social connection and remote presence during the age of pandemic. This work translates physiological data from live EEG recordings to an installation and explores embodied approaches in computational synergised space. More details about this work will be shared throughout the next couple of months.

Here are a week-long testing and rehearsal work-in-progress. During which we have tested hyper-scanning looking at how two participants engage with the performance while subconsciously controlling the set. We used two EEG devices to scan participants brain wave including Alpha and SMR (sensorimotor rhythm) while they are watching the performance to control the installation in which the dancer was improvising to.

The exhibition will be held at Ugly Duck in early Jan 2022, there will be scheduled installations and performances. Soon you will be able to come and experience this work both onsite and remotely so stay tuned!

Director: Friendred Peng

Choreographer Seirian J. Griffiths

Composer & Sound artist: Danny Hynds

Developers: Narayan O'Hanlon, Jacob Heredia, Friendred Peng

Psychologist: Laura Rai

Photographer & video Photographer: Arturas Bondarciukas and Friendred Peng

Special thanks to Jamie Ward, The Royal Society, Andrew Burn, David Gareth Williams, Joe McAlister, John Lucy, Robert Hall, Goldsmiths, UCL,  Hennie Lee, Ugly Duck and many more….Special thanks to Mirko Febbo and Alex Donovan who came to test EEG and hyper scanning