A1 MICROSCOPIC/BREAK from Friendred on Vimeo.

**Conception** microscopic is extremely tiny terminology, which actual human eyes cannot visualize. In this physical artifacts, I want to extend infinitesimal to infinite, create an unbalance in this structure. Visualize microscopic, which is omnipresence and ubiquitous. The light inside the paper indicate the dialogue between time and interspace. Though the depth breaking, there is no any restriction of micro substance and macroscopic medium. I take this “ubiquitous” as the basis for exploring ideas about experience, mediation and representation. ![](/content/images/2017/04/5.jpg) **Process**

Physical artifacts:

I made this triangulation manifestation through 24 timbers. Each one of them are different size, averaging the length between 84cm and 57cm. The most intricate part is how to join the structure together. First of all, I drilled the 3mm whole by driller and cleaned around the edge. Then, making the triangular wire of metal by the benchtop CNC wire bender, DIWIRE.

There was also bunch of issues of using software importing SVG and adjusts arguments. Finally, I ended it up with drawing round pentagram, and then I cut them for joining the timbers.

In the middle part of structure, there was a triangulation making up with tracing paper. The neo pixel lights put in there. I powered Arduino with 9V battery, which I wrote the lights strip pattern program beforehand. But there is no any interaction in here. In this project, the difference and connection between infinity and infinitesimal is more important for me to elaborate.

Regarding how to joining the wood strips, I 3d printed the chamber (figure below). It’s strong enough to connect them. In terms of structure of this installation, the ability of the shape to redistribute certain forces makes this structure really stable. People also can deform the shape as many as they like. For this structure, each side of triangle is bearing a load, which makes the whole outlet achieved equilibrium by its self without any other supporting material.

Visual representation

A1 microscopic virtual from Friendred on Vimeo.

the core word of this virtual representation and physical artifacts is break and equilibrium. And I closed one way to express both of them is duplication. No matter how I duplicate the line in the figure below, it can break the original balance of the spatiotemporal substance. Besides, I created another GUI for people to generate the shape. ![](/content/images/2017/04/Screen-Shot-2017-04-28-at-1-12-24-PM.png) ![](/content/images/2017/04/Screen-Shot-2017-04-28-at-1-12-50-PM.png)

Future possibilities

The ingredient of this installation can be more intricacy, I will try to fill in multiple layer of triangle, and trying to use projector instead of light strip. To find out the best way of presenting interactive space and time.

Reference & thanks

Thanks Konstantin Leonenko, Lior Ben Gai and Qiuhan Huang